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ICDIS 2020

Aiming at a new success of gathering.

Continuing the success of the conferences in 2018 and 2019, the 3rd International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security (ICDIS 2020) is oriented to: (1) provide a unique forum where data intelligence and data security are all involved; (2) provide a forum for researchers, experts, professionals and stakeholders in related fields to disseminate their recent advances and share their visions.

The ICDIS 2020 will be held at South Padre Island (SPI), Texas, USA. SPI (http://www.myspi.org/) is a tropical island located in the Gulf of Mexico, an ideal location for a fruitful and relaxing conference.

Accepted papers will be presented at the conference. The conference proceedings will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® digital library.

ICDIS 2018                      Proceedings in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

ICDIS 2019                      Proceedings in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

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ICDIS 2020 Distinguished Speakers

To Be Invited

ICDIS 2019 Distinguished Speakers

Paulo Shakarian

Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor, ASU 

CEO and Co-founder of CYR3CON

Keynote Speaker

Cliff Wang

Division Chief,  Computing Sciences, 

U.S. Army Research Office

Keynote Speaker

Kyle King

Senior Data Scientist

Fellow, USMA at West Point

Keynote Speaker

George Reeves

Cybersecurity Advisor,  Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

ICDIS  2018 Distinguished Speakers

Chaitan Baru, PhD

Senior Advisor for Data Science, CISE,

National Science Foundation

C.-C. Jay Kuo, PhD

Director of the Media Communications Laboratory,

University of Southern California